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You Put Fun Into Ordinary Daily Life

This is our first blog post on our “Happy Life” blog site.

I’ll be honest … I’ve had a lot of blog sites. One was a laptop lifestyle blog. Another was my craft blog. Then John and I did one together about how we wanted everyone to “work” with us so we called it, “Work With Beth And John”.  Clever, eh?  LOL!  And there were several more.

These were all learning experiences as we aren’t the most savvy techie peeps out here!

And, frankly, I was getting pretty confused and overwhelmed trying to keep all those blog sites up and running with some sort of consistency.

So we had this idea to bring to you our lifestyle.

Just the other day, we were having dinner with a friend and I was telling him what I had texted to my four girlfriends.  We are heading to the beach for Girls Week Out on Friday.

My text was a picture of different fabrics with the text saying, “preview for craft project”.


That started a chain reaction of many comments from recipes we will be cooking while at the beach to …

“Who wants a chair to sit at water’s edge?”

“I found one for $14.99”

“I do!”

“I want one too!”

And that’s when our friend said:

You Put Fun Into Ordinary Daily Life

And he’s right! We taught ourselves to have fun and live being nonjudgmental. You know … live and let live. We surround ourselves with positive, happy people. We try our best to live with an attitude of gratitude daily.  And we are creative!

We think about what makes other people happy.

I honestly don’t know exactly where to begin with this blog because my head is spinning with things we’ve learned about creating a beautiful, peaceful, fun life.

We believe first, and most importantly, to learn to respect everyone.  EVERYONE! Even the not-so-nice people need your respect! Everyone has their own agenda.

Our Agenda Is To Share With You Who We Are

One of our recent activities has been to get healthy.  We are both overweight and are learning to eat when we’re hungry. Get plenty of rest. Drink tons of water. And maybe exercise a little bit. We aren’t fond of exercising. That’s a bad word!

But we know getting into shape helps you to love yourself.  It’s weird how it happens but when you look good, you feel good!

So John and I started following a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

We are no experts but we are learning everyday.

So we want a way to share what we learn …

  • to help others feel good about themselves
  • to bring you some creative ways to look at your personal life
  • to share travel experiences
  • to bring craft projects into your life

I think the list will develop more as we get started.

There’s one thing we want you to know right now and that is …

… You Are Special and Unique and …

There’s a reason you are here on this earth and …

… there’s a reason you are reading this right now!

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you come back often.

Happy Life



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