How To Make A Beach Night Light

My four girlfriends and I have been going to the beach every other summer since 1992.

We just finished this summer’s trip and had a great time, as usual!

Since I’m passionate about crafts for all ages but especially adults, they appeased me this year!

You see, I believe … as we age … we need to keep our minds and our hands busy on creating something! Whether you have a garden, make special dinners, have holiday celebrations at your house or knit … those are all crafting times. It’s just as important to keep busy as you age – to keep creativity inside of you alive!

So, as I laid out the supplies for the Beach Night Light craft one evening, I watched and listened to the girls as they gathered around the table. I hadn’t told them what the craft projects for the week would be. YES! I said craft projects – plural!  All they knew was, we were doing three. So they were a little curious, I suspect!

This Beach Night Light project was an original idea of mine and I really didn’t know if it was even going to work. It was the first time ever these were made!

I must say …

It was a SUCCESS!  The Beach Night Light turned out cuter than I had expected! Each one was unique to the crafter that made it.




Beach Night Light 

Supplies Needed:

  • Solar Stake Lights
  • glass or plastic jar (make sure the solar light will lay nicely on top)
  • sand
  • shells
  • drift wood (I went to a mulch pile and picked pieces that looked sort of like drift wood)
  • paint for solar lids (I used Krylon ColorMaster Catalina Mist)
  • beads (they will be buried in the sand)
  • fake grass for making sea grass or sea oats
  • glue
  • masking tape to cover the solar light part when painting the top
  • skewers (optional, for placing and moving things in the jar)
  • scissors (there’s always something to cut!)
  • a work surface (spread something in front of you to work on so you aren’t damaging table tops, I used foil)

IMG_4509 IMG_4510



  1. Start with the sea grass and beads.  Glue about 3 beads together leaving the center open for inserting the sea grass.  Let dry for a few minutes, then insert the sea grass. Add a little more glue to hold in place.
  2. Pour about 1-2 inches of sand in the jar.
  3. Place your sea grass into the sand covering the beads. Pour more sand in if you see the top of the beads.
  4. The creativity begins!  Add beach items.
  5. Remove the stake from the the top of the solar light. Unscrew the top from the plastic shade as if you were going to activate the battery. You won’t be using either of these pieces at all.  Tape the solar panel on the top area of the light with masking tape so you don’t get the spray paint on it.  Use the spray paint to cover the entire surface of the light. Be is a well ventilated area and use newspaper to avoid getting paint where you don’t want it! It goes everywhere! Trust me on this!
  6. Once the paint has dried, remove the tab on the light to activate the battery. Put it in the sun and power it up. Wait till you see how beautiful it is at night!





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