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The Surfin’ Sisters Road Trip

We call ourselves The Surfin’ Sisters.

We’re not much on the surfing part.  Well…frankly…none of us have ever surfed!  We’d most likely break an arm or a leg or drown.

This blog post is probably going to be meaningless unless you have a group of friends doing silly things that embarrass their kids!

That’s us! So read on!


The Surfin’ Sisters Road Trip

Girls’ Week Out

We all live in the middle of the United States, in St. Louis, Missouri.

The biggest chunk of water we can lay claim to is the Muddy Mississippi. You know…the river sailed by Huckleberry Finn

So it’s a real treat when we’ve been able to go to the beach.

We could go elsewhere on our adventures but we simply have a passion for sunshine, laughter, fun times and…


We’re great friends. The beach has brought us closer together. There’s 5 of us. We’ve been friends now for what seems to be FOREVER.  We’re in our 50’s and 60’s (shhhh! Don’t tell anybody!).

I look back on the 1st time we decided to do this – to leave husbands, boyfriends and kids at home. There were 6 of us then. For some reason life just got in the way for one of us and she no longer goes.

I soooo look forward to this trip. In fact, it was an unwritten prenuptial agreement I made with my husband-to-be at the time, that I wanted to go every other year to Girl’s Week Out. He said he understood. But today I think he’s unhappy when I’m away! I secretly hope so!


Enough about that.

I’m sharing this year’s trip.

Surfin’ Sisters Road Trip, Girls’ Week Out

I’m writing this in hope you will enjoy this but also to encourage women everywhere if you aren’t already having getaways with girlfriends…


Man-oh-man….  We’ve had some great times!

So this past summer we had our 13th trip to the beach.

It was a long day, close to an 12-hour drive to get from Point A to Point B with lots of little fun stops throughout the day, road construction and a complete stop through Mobile, Alabama.

We are “Car #2″.

We take two cars mainly for comfort purposes because riding for 11-12 hours with 5 girls in a car is just too cozy AND TOO CRAZY for us. Plus….  We take so much stuff! Car #1 always seems to leave 3 days before Car #2. They tell us some cock-a-mamie story about having to visit a friend of theirs that moved down there.

We think, (Car #2 that is) …  We think that Car #1 wants to get completely settled into the condo before the FUN CAR gets there!


What We Bring.

We were tired from the ride and it’s the last thing Car #2 wanted to do after the long ride down…to go to the grocery store. Since the first car has been down there already for 3 days prior to us, it was their job to go to the store. We’ve gotten this down to a fine science on what we bring.

We have a permanent shopping list designed to be split between all of us so we can save money.

This all started years ago when we went down to the coast with nothing.

We ended up buying over $400 at the local grocery store of things we could have brought from home. And…..

a whole lot of money going out to dinner every night.

Now, we each take a day to cook dinner and go out on the town two nights.

So we bring things like garbage bags and laundry soap and our nonperishable items for cooking.

We realized buying an entire box of dishwasher detergent was a waste when we only did maybe seven loads of dishes.

We split the list up and each of us watch for bargains at home and bring designated items. Groceries near the beach can be a lot more expensive.

Fresh vegetables, meats and dairy are purchased at the grocery store near our beach condo.  It works for us and saves us a TON of $$$.


It was my niece’s 19th birthday the day Car #2 left St. Louis. I promised her a birthday video. Here it is. See what we did in the video below.  Remember! We left at 5:00 AM! We don’t look very pretty!


I know…..I’m weird…..but we had more fun asking random people we met along the road to wish Kristina a Happy Birthday.  I was amazed that people were so friendly. I had forgotten how so many people are so sweet! It made Kristina’s day. She laughed and THAT was the whole point!


This REAL REASON I am writing this post is to remind you about what friendship means … keep your friends close at hand, cultivate new friends and find the time to play together again. You see, it really doesn’t matter where we go or what we do. The point is we look forward to this trip every other summer.  We made a pact the first time we traveled that we would go together but it would be our own individual vacations also. In other words, we could make our own decisions to read all day, stay in bed until we felt like getting up, go to the beach by ourselves, run to the souvenir stores, whatever WE felt like doing. And no one would judge. That’s worked out well.

Until Later…


Love to all the Girl Groups




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