Zipper Pouches | How To Make A Zipper Pouch

This has to be one of the cutest ideas EVER is get ready for school, work or vacation!

Zipper Pouches | How To Make A Zipper Pouch

While in Florida with the girls, we had several Craft Nights.

And this How To Make A Zipper Pouch craft was on the list!  I had blogged about these a while back and the girls actually requested that they wanted to make some.

So we got busy!


All you need to do these Zipper Pouches is listed below.

  • Duck Tape, 2 coordinating patterns
  • A plastic bag with a zipper-type closure
  • Scissors or Exacto Knife (I prefer an Exacto Knife, especially if you don’t have sharp scissors)
  • Cutting Mat

Here’s what you do!

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