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My Perfect Day Has Become Crystal Clear

A few years ago, while I was part of an intense boot camp with remarkable entrepreneurs, one of our assignments was to write about something called, My Perfect Day.  We were told to “live” our perfect day.  In order to do this we would write out our story of what our perfect day would look like.


How fun this was!

Step one was to sit quietly and dream.  Dream so vividly that you see yourself in your own movie of your perfect day.

It’s such a wonderful exercise to do that I suggest YOU do it!  I wrote mine out on my PC and revisit it periodically to tweak it but for the most part, My Perfect Day is constantly playing in my head. It has become crystal clear.

Watch this quick video before you begin.

My Perfect Day

My husband, John, and I live at the beach. And today is My Perfect Day.

There’s something tremendously soothing to me to see and hear the sea.


Our home is comfortably casual.

John and I didn’t need a lot of space.

Space to me creates clutter so the less we have, the better.

We actually live in a gated condo community.

Our condo is one floor with a living room along with our master bedroom opening to a sun room facing the sea. There’s one more bedroom that is primarily used as an office but is easily converted to a guest bedroom. We have 2 full bathrooms and a kitchen with an island to eat right there in the kitchen on bar stools.

There was no need for a dining room.

We are casual people and enjoy most meals, when eating at home, outside on our screened in sun room.

Our walls are painted in blues and greens to compliment the colors of the sea.

It’s very low maintenance to clean.

At this time of my life …
… it’s all about enjoying myself, my family and my friends.

This is My Perfect Day!


My day starts out with waking up whenever I have had enough sleep.

No matter what the weather is I’m outside in the sun room in my cushy chair with my book. I usually read each morning to stay in my positive frame of mind. It isn’t hard for me though because my life is so complete.

I smile and count my blessings today that I am able to live this lifestyle.

It was a long time coming and I’m here today!


The breeze is cool today and the sea is calm. Perfect for a mid-morning dream sleep.

Everyday John and I have a group of friends that meet for lunch at a little restaurant on the beach. We walk up the beach about a half mile and join them.

This started by chance just talking to people at the next table and questioning, “We’ll see you tomorrow?” And when the answer was yes, the date was set.

Today, friends come and go. Some days we might be missing someone and other days John and I might skip it. Or some days John might go alone without me and vice versa. But all of us know someone is always there!

It’s a great feeling having that camaraderie. We have so much fun just being together. We tease each other and laugh and have a great time. So today is no exception. We will be leaving for the walk in about an hour.

Also what I like about my perfect day is …

We get there when we get there.


Around 3-4 pm we’ll start the trek back down the beach to our condo …

walking in the water …

stopping to pick up a special shell or two.

John just shakes his head because he knows I’m bringing more shells home to add to my collection. It’s a ritual for me – to pick up at least one shell each day. I am adamant about that.

At the end of our walk I might throw some back in the sea and only keep the special “finds” of the day.

At home my treasures are laid out in the sun room for one last inspection and to dry. They’ll be added to my clear glass urn later in the evening.


As the sun sets, it’s a special time for me to go down to the beach and lay in our hammock.

I take several pillows and a blanket in case it starts to get cool, my iPad and a glass of iced tea.

This is my best quiet time.

John knows I’ll be there for an hour or so.

I catch up with friends from all over the world through Facebook and emails. I might play a game or two on my iPad.

It’s a perfect time to enjoy myself.

We go out to dinner! We love that!

John teases me that we have to dust our stove before we ever cook at home.

I’ve never really liked to cook. I cooked when we were living up North when the weather got cold, wet and snowy. When we had our business up there, the only thing I wanted to do was to get home, put on my fuzzy sleepers and make a comfort food type dinner.

Living in warm weather now makes it easy to go out for dinner.

Besides, our day is filled with leisure just doing things when we want … nighttime dinners out is a great way to end each day!  And also we can decide to eat whatever each of us wants. I think we’ve tried most every restaurant in town. We have our favorites because of good food and great staff.

Tonight we are heading out to our favorite pizza place.


Upon returning home, the lights on timers have come on.

I love coming home with a few strategically placed lights that are lit.

I look past the kitchen and living room to our sun room. I am drawn to our sun room every morning and every night. I can’t possibly describe to you how it looks. You will just have to come visit.

Tonight the moon is glowing and the low lights give me such a sense of contentment.

My reading chair and ottoman are calling to me.

John stretches out on the wicker sofa. Our bellies are full.

He starts to snore …

I smile …

I well up with “good” tears …

I have arrived.

I have my perfect day.

I have my perfect life.

 I encourage you to dream about what your perfect day looks like …
… Visualize yourself living in it.
Feel it …
Touch it …
Work out all the details.

What does it look like?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Who are you with?
Why is this your perfect day?
What makes this day so wonderful?
Really feel it … Get lost in it …
Then write it down. Let the words flow describing your perfect day.

Let me know how you feel in the comments below. Share your perfect day with me. I’d love to read it!

Being Happy Is Our Passion